Sunday, November 18, 2012

This cold's a fighter.

Happy Sunday everyone!!  I must say I am in a good mood because my cowboys won today. Was not so sure they were going to pull it off.. but they did.

On a not so happy note- I am still not feeling well. A week of not feeling well is starting to get to me. I can usually be pretty patient with these type things but when it starts to interfere with my workouts I can get cranky. My attempted workout today was a circuit. Each group had 2 exercises which I repeated 3 times until moving to the next group:

Group 1:

-      Single arm kb swings- 25 reps each arm (20lb kb)

-      Back row- 15 reps each arm (25lb kb)

Group 2:

-      Walking plank- 15 reps

-      Inverted v pushups (alt leg up)- 16 reps (8 each leg)

Group 3:

-      Barbell push-press- 15 reps

-      Barbell back row (underhand close grip)

Cashout- 2 sets of lawnmowers 25 reps each arm, 15 arnold presses

I wanted to do another whole group but I just was not feeling it. I could tell by my lack of strength it was not going to happen. Funny thing is I still have been fueling my body. I tend to over-eat on the weekends (not exactly sure why) and be sick did not stop me from eating my fair share of food. Even with that my body did not have the strength to workout at its full potential. This cold is hanging on and not leaving without a fight. I’ll kick its butt eventually.

I went to the grocery store this morning for some cold medicine. I try not to take medicine but since my body is not kicking this on its own I figured I would give it a shot. Of course I gravitated over to the nut butter area and found a new flavor of Better n’ Butter- chocolate!! So of course I had to buy some to try. Anyone ever have it??

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Short week this week! Yay!!

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