Saturday, November 17, 2012

How much is too much?

Happy Saturday everyone! It is only 5:45pm and I already feel like the weekend is going too fast. 2 days off from work just does not seem to be enough for me sometimes. Weekends always fly by.. and for some reason I never seem to finish everything I wanted to do.

Today I have been lazy.. for the most part. I am still not feeling my best and I was reminded of that during my 2 hour spin today. I was going to run 5 miles today too but decided against it. I think my body needs a bit of a rest. Regardless of feeling a bit sick.. I can still eat like the best of them. This tends to be even more true on long cardio days. 2 hours of cycling today = me constantly eating. I try to turn to clean foods to eat but I still feel like I eat them in massive quantities. Anyone else experience this on really hard workout days?? So I ask the question… how much food is too much food?? I find myself struggling to figure the answer out. I want to eat enough to build and maintain lean muscle mass but also not eat too much so I lose the extra fat my body does not seem to want to let go of. I still have not figured out what the right amount for me is.

I found a new obsession today too. Not feeling well has left me laying in my bed watching Netflix all day. I went with the TV show Revenge. I saw some friends post about it on facebook so I figured I would give it a shot. It’s not too bad. What are all your thoughts on this show?

Tonight there is a UFC fight on and my favorite fighter is fighting. Heck yes!!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday :)

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