Friday, March 22, 2013

Hitting Bottom

Once you hit bottom the only way to go is up right??

 I found out some information last weekend which made me re-live some moments from my past and not the good moments. Of course I turned to the one thing I turn to when I feel any sort of emotion- binging. Hit rock bottom. I am learning when you hit bottom it is time to take a real hard look at things and work on how you can fix them. Stay as positive as you can and work on getting yourself to a good place. I saw a quote which really hit me and it said: “Don’t look back, you aren’t going that way”. It is so true. We aren’t moving in reverse. We are moving forward. We need to forgive others and forgive ourselves to live a happy, positive and fulfilling life. I am still working on finding mine but I know I will get there. I have been reading a lot of articles on I recommend checking the website out for some awesome information. The website makes me want to become a yogi!!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

A new week and some guilty tv pleasures.

Another week goes by where I realize I have not stopped to blog. I really need to get better at paying attention to that!

So I have changed my goals for myself when it comes to binge eating. Of course.. I want this ED gone, like yesterday.. but that is not possible. It takes a great deal of effort. It amazes me to think how my goal is to be in the best possible shape I can be and have a healthy relationship with food but somehow I end up sabotaging it and binging. Reality is- it is a disorder. It takes work to get better and it is not just going to stop. My goal for myself is for my binge eating to decrease in the amount of days per week. A few weeks back it was everyday.. this last week 4 out of the 7 days were binge days. Yes, I am disappointed in myself but that is less than the week before. I need to focus on the positive and not the negative. Today is the start of a new week and my goal is to do better this week than the last. I know I can do it! I have also increased my working out again. I was feeling so down about myself that I was not even going to the gym for fear of what others would think about me. That is not going to stop me anymore!
New topic... guilty tv pleasures. Mine is by far Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. Supernatural is my favorite though. Netflix has seasons 1-7 and I am re-watching them.. yes, re watching!! Do you guys have any guilty tv pleasures??
Today I want to do the crossfit 13.1 open WOD involving lots of burpees and snatches. I think I may throw in a P90X dvd too. Here is to a better week!!!
"The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time."

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Time for change.

Weekends fly by. I swear the days go from Friday night- Sunday night. No Saturday in between.

My mother brought me a book to read she got from a seminar on change. It is called Who Moved my Cheese? It is about 2 mice and 2 little people searching for cheese and what they have to do when their cheese is moved (change). It is a very short read and the moral of the story is a good one. I recommend it to anyone who has a little bit of a hard time with change, in life, in their job, in relationships, etc. Everyone has to face change eventually and how we handle it says a lot about who we are and what the outcome of the change will be.
I went for a bunch of bloodwork last week to try and figure out what has been going on with me lately. I also have an appointment with an allergist next week. Waking up every day with a migraine, swollen eyes and a body retaining a crazy amount of water has not been pretty. I am ready to be feeling better. I feel like every day I am moody, irritable and depressed from whatever is going on. I am totally taking it out on my family too.. which is not fair. So I guess it is time for me to change and figure out what to do when my cheese is moved :)

Enjoy your Sunday!!