I workout.

Here are some workouts for you guys. I have provided you with the ones I have found I have either- 1. Liked the best OR 2. Did not like but they kicked my butt!! Who am I kidding.. I actually love all workouts.. except for burpees. I don't think I will ever love burpees.

WOD 12/23/12
Buy in:
  • 150 body weight squats
  • 50 lateral lunge jumps (weighted) L/R = 1 rep

  • burpees
  • lunge jumps
  • single arm kettlebell pull (L)
  • single arm kettlebell pull (R)
  • 50 thrusters (with whatever you have, barbell, plate, kettlebell, dumbbells)
* I used 2 10lb dumbbells for the lateral lunge jumps, and my 25lb kettlebell for the pulls and thrusters.

Enjoy :)

2012 Body weight "cleanse" workout

  • 10 push ups
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 dive bombers
  • 10 plank jacks
  • 10 body weight squats
  • 10 plank walks
At home Circuit

100 jumping jacks
90 crunches
80 body weight squats
70 mountain climbers (35 each leg)
60 plank shoulder taps (30 each shoulder)
50 side tri rise (25 each arm)
40 jump squats
30 switch lunges
20 plank frog jumps
10 burpees

1-3 times through
*adapted from fitness RX for women

WOD 2/6/13 & 2/7/13

Here are two workouts I did. I did not realize how sore I was from the first one until I did the second!

10 RFT
10 plank jacks
10 plie squat high pull with kettlebell
10 hand release push ups
10 med ball throws
cash out- 25 med ball sit ups

10 RFT
5 burpees
10 kettlebell swings
10 mountain climbers (R/L = 1 rep)
10 clean + press (barbell)
cash out- 50 tricep dips, 50 crab kicks

WOD from 2/11/13

1 mile run
25 bear complexes
1 mile run
20 bear complexes
1 mile run
15 bear complexes
5 min cool down walk
Here is a link to a demo of what a bear complex looks like- you can do it as a fluid movement OR take a slight rest in between each move.


Bosu Circuit
1 minute each exercise, 15 second break in between

Bosu push ups
Bosu squat jumps
Bosu burpees
Bosu Mountain climbers
Bosu frog jumps (jump both legs in and then back out)
1 minute rest

*repeat 3-5 times

All of these exercises can also be done with body weight only!

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