Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday's = lonnggg cardio days

Ahh Saturday. Really, the only day of the week where most of us feel like we are “off” from work and can rest. Unless you have to run all the errands you did not have time to do during the week, catch up on everything from work, don’t forget about family/friend gatherings and Oh yes. A nice 2 hour spin class. I start my Saturdays (after waking up early enough for breakfast) in a 2 hour spin class. I usually would not have it any other way.. but today I am tired… and sore… and tired.. and did I mention sore???

Hurricane Sandy hit my part of the US hard. I live in NJ. Leaving the school I work in out of power for 2 weeks. So in all honesty I have no reason to be tired. My usual 4am work wake up was at earliest 6:30 for 2 weeks. An improvement! But Sandy left a lot of us fitness/health inspired people with wayyyy too much time to sit around, be lazy and EAT EAT EAT. And I don’t mean roasting yourself some healthy veggies and chicken (not for me.. I am trying to steer clear of meat) but easy to grab and will not go bad.. boxed. Processed. Garbage. Yuck!! I can feel how sluggish my body has felt getting back to working out and how my body is craving sugar and white flour because I let it have some for 2 weeks.

All kidding aside. Sandy hit me hard. The NJ shore is my second home. Lavallette, NJ to be exact. So besides dealing with no gym (I did a lot of out door running and HIIT home workouts) and eating crap.. excuse my French… I found myself in a state of depression. Mourning the loss of my beach, ocean, favorite places and the place where my family gets together every summer and has no cares, worries, fears, anxieties, etc. This also opened up the door for me to over eat to make myself feel better. At least for the 10 seconds I am stuffing cookies into my mouth. Ugh!

Now I am done feeling sorry for myself. I have always tried to be a positive person and focus on all the good things in situations and in life in general. Sometimes it is hard. But I am back at it! No more feeling sorry for myself and letting myself sit around and hurt my body by putting chemicals in it. That just doesn’t help anyone!!

Well, I digress. That is not where I was going with this! Oops!! What I wanted to say a few paragraphs back was… my gym re-opened and allowed for me to take some group classes with my all time favorite instructor. She is an inspiration to so many people. In amazing shape, is so encouraging and positive and she is totally humble. Everyone in the gym admires her, wants to be more like her, and looks up to her as an inspiration. She is definitely mine! So I took an intensity class and spin class with her yesterday. Picture Shawn-T just 10000 times harder.. that was my workout yesterday. So I am sore today but for a good reason. Now I am dragging my butt back to the gym for 2 hours of spin. We shall see how it goes! Wish me luck!!

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