Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to work and a little Barre work

First day back to work in 2 weeks since my school was out of power from hurricane Sandy’s anger. It was tough.. not only being back at work and getting used to the 4am wake up again.. but I felt awful! Headache, stomach ache, throat hurting… ugh yuck! Maybe this means I am allergic to work?!? This also means I come home and miss one of my favorite, FAVORITE and did I mention favorite workouts!!! I feel that awful.. for me to miss a workout you know I must not be feeling well. What is the workout you ask? Cardio Vusion. It is based off of the “V method”. Here is the link to check it out:

I love this class. It is a combination of ballet, light weight work, yoga and pilates. So awesome. It is amazing how 3-4lb weights kill my shoulders.. and I have pretty strong shoulders. If something similar to this is offered in your area I say give it a shot… I think similar classes are Barre and physique 57. Not sure if there are any others. Barre classes are becoming popular. Recently I found this printable workout from

Cardio vusion has barre work incorporated into the class however not all of the time is spent at the barre. Best butt workout! Trust me ladies!! As I sit here talking about it I think I am going to get dressed and go to the gym anyway. Suck it up and just workout feeling like junk… we will see what happens. I can not take it easy… I don’t think it is in my genes.

I hope everyone had a great Monday!

“If you are brave enough to say GOODBYE life will reward you with a new HELLO” Paulo Coelho

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