Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday FUNday (short post)

I can't actually say a super fun day for me... being I still feel a bit “under the weather”.. but any day football is on = a good one.

I thought I would update you guys on the 17 day diet so far. I am on day 6. The first 4 days I stuck to phase one without deviating at all... the 5th day not so much. My body was craving carbohydrates like crazy! So I had chocolate and pizza and it turned into an all out binge... hence the reason restrictive diets really are not good for you. Your body needs proteins, carbs and fats. The first phase of this diet restricts carbohydrates. I am working on the whole “forgive yourself” thing and have forgiven myself and tried to stick to phase one since the dreaded “oops”. Yesterday, I ate too much according to the diet. The first 17 days are restricted to 1200 calories. I had about 1500... again, the whole forgiveness thing. Another thing I am struggling with is the dairy limitation and no peanut butter. You are also only supposed to have 2 dairy servings and NO peanut butter (even though I only use bell plantation's pb2). I eat a lot of greek yogurt and pb2. So restricting those has been tough. I am trying to look at it as- if I am eating healthier, I am accomplishing something. Positive right?!?

Nothing else really new here. I want to fast forward the clock a few months to a new skinner and healthier me. If only that was possible!!

Enjoy your Sunday!!