Saturday, January 5, 2013

Over it

I have decided I am “over it”. I am over setting goals to let myself fall right off of them and making excuses. Maybe that should be my goal for myself in 2013.. set realistic (key realistic!) goals and stick to them. I read a recent blog where the blogger wrote herself 30 things to accomplish at 30 and I thought that was a great idea. I decided I will come up with a 28 things to accomplish at 28 for myself. When I complete my list I will post it.

Anyone else set a resolution to already have “failed” at it?!? Well, we are only human and I am part of that club. Honestly, it must mean the goal/resolution was a bit unrealistic for where I am mentally, emotionally and physically right now. I do still plan on getting myself to the best me I can be in all of those areas for this year. That can be one of my 28 things.

Some of the things I am “over”
  • eating unhealthy
  • binge eating
  • feeling lonely
  • feeling sick
  • skipping workouts for ridiculous reasons (or at least what I consider ridiculous)
  • gaining weight
  • being unhappy with myself
  • stress at work
  • being negative
There are many other things I can add to the above list but these are the first things that come to my mind. I always try to be a positive person.. when I notice things are becoming more negative I need to stop and really figure out what is going on. This is one of those times!!

Here is to remaining more positive!

I hope everyone's year has been off to a better start then mine! The great thing about life is we have the power to change, use what we have experienced as a learning opportunity and always be better then we were yesterday!!

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